Do I need a will to protect my assets?

Before you pass on from this earth, you should make important decisions while you are still alive.  An estate plan allows you to make the decisions, so someone does not have to make them when you are gone.  A will gives you the power to designate how your assets will be distributed.  Creating a will also allows you to select who will be in charge of your children while they are young.  An estate plan also includes a power of attorney so that you can empower a person to help you with your finances and medical decisions when you are not able to do so.  A person should also decide how they wish to be treated at the end of their life.  That can be done through a living will or as others describe it as an advance directive.  A person should also make sure that their beneficiaries are up to date on their insurance policies and their retirement plan.  Our firm can help guide you through this process and develop a meaningful estate plan that honors your wishes.

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